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Cultivated mushrooms are good, but they don’t taste nearly as good as wild ones. Wild mushrooms have so much more flavour.

  Products :

Our selection of wild mushrooms includes 5 different mushroom types:

1. BOLETUS EDULIS  (65-70 % of the total quantity) – mushroom hunters regard this mushroom as a great prize; it has a wonderful nutty flavour.

2. CANTHARELLUS CIBARIUS   (15-20 %) – Chanterellus Cibarius is for many the highlight of the mushroom season: not only does it look beautiful, it looks wonderful.

3. LACTARIUS DELICIOSUS (10-15 %) – this is a colourful mushroom. Its lovely crunchy texture and good flavour makes it a much sought-after mushroom

4. AMANITA CAESAREA(5%) is one of Italy’s most highly prized, and expensive, mushrooms.

5. MORCHELLA (very rare therefore the quantity is variable) - the morels are among the most exciting springtime fungi.


Range of Products:
- Fresh
- Dried
- Frozen
- Barrel (brined)

We guaranty the best service as possible from picking the mushrooms to their transportation and delivery.

We would also like to mention that we have our own plantation with SOUR CHERRY and we export it as fresh and frozen.

And last, but not least, we buyout and export BLUEBERRY, SWEET BRIER, JUNIPER…

Sour cherry

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