We give you nature!

As an export oriented company we are successful in the region of South-Eastern Europe for many years in delivering healthy organic food as a result of the complex yet efficient system we have developed. .

  About Us :

Our company carries on the old tradition of collecting nature’s resources and bringing them to everyone’s home. Today everything is produced and very little is given from natures hand, therefore people forgot what is real taste and nourishment. However, we are different because we go to nature’s wildest parts of the world and collect the tastiest mushrooms, untouched by a human hand. Far away from any industry, urban life and contamination, deep in the forests of Macedonia, we handpick only the most beautiful forest mushrooms such as Boletus Edulis, Cantharellius Cibarius, Lactarius Delicius etc.

Experienced people, with family tradition for understanding and collecting mushrooms, work for us all over Macedonia and harvest these nature’s gifts. Our Buyout Centers evaluate the quality, approve and send the cargo for delivery to the main production facility in Kazani using our fleet of trucks. Afterwards our employees carefully examine the type, quality, and nourishment (by international Mycology standards) and continue with further processes, minding for the product to keep its freshness. After we package them fresh, dry or jar them, the delicious mushrooms are swiftly delivered for everyone to buy and enjoy.

That’s what we do. We give you nature!

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